APCO Paragliding Resource Centre

It is our intention as APCO Paragliding South Africa to provide detailed information on all the flying sites in South Africa, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, etc. The information will cover, perhaps 1 or 2 pages that can be printed out and taken with you to a site and should provide you with everything that you need to know about that particular site. The type of information we wish to publish will include the following:

  • Directions to the site
  • Height above sea level (meters and feet)
  • Height of site (top to landing)
  • Normal landing fields
  • Landing areas to avoid (unfriendly landowners, rotor, etc.)
  • Take off areas and prevailing winds at different times of the year.
  • Cross country potential and best directions to fly.
  • Site rules (ceilings, advanced site, etc)
  • Dangers to look out for
  • Emergency #s for the area
  • Contact #s for the site
  • Photo’s
  • etc, etc.

We plan to make this site comprehensive and informative, hope to spark interesting discussions in our paragliding forum. We will include a club section and a flying site section. If you would like your club or flying site included in this section please drop us a message. We will also post interesting links to other sites especially in South Africa. Also include a section where you can find paragliding equipment for sale. For those new to this recreational activity you can read up on the different types of paragliding.

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